Dr. Tony’s Wheat Grass 100% organic, whole leaf wheat grass, non GMO. One of the most potent super foods on the planet. Rich in Chlorophyll Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Folate. May balance PH levels. Excellent for detoxification. Contains Protein, Potassium, Fiber, zero fat


Dr. Tony’s Joint Support Plus™ capsules are ideal for before and after workouts or strenuous activity to maintain optimal flexibility. May supports overall joint health  


Dr. Tony’s Omega Plus™ Fatty Acids is a cutting edge, proprietary blend of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Because our bodies do not manufacture EFAs on their own this supplement provides “necessary for life” fatty acids that may be deficient in the “standard American diet.” EFAs have a profound effect on the production of prostaglandins, reduced inflammation, healthy blood circulation, normal blood pressure, and may help balance bodily fluids. Great for Hair, Skin and Nails Excellent Source of Essential Fatty Acids


Dr. Tony’s Menopause Plus™ is a proprietary blend of herbal and nutritional compounds is designed to support the body through this natural change in life. Phytoestrogen is the plant world’s version of estrogen and similar to our body’s estrogen. Isoflavones can have positive effects in reducing symptoms related to estrogen loss - such as hot flashes, trouble sleeping, weight gain, bone loss, bone fractures or osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, and inflammation of the joints. (NON-GMO) Helps Alleviate Symptoms of Menopause


Tony’s Muscle Relax Plus™ may provide relief from muscle tension and aches, anxiety, help lower blood pressure, may act as a natural sleep aid and anti depressant. The formula can also provide anti-oxidants, and antibacterial effects. Sleep Aid Anxiety Support Calming Agent Promotes Muscle Relaxation Muscle Cramp Relief


Dr. Tony’s Cholesterol Plus™ contains a powerful all natutal PhytoSterol blend that promotes healthy cholesterol levels. Flavonoids, palm fruit and olive leaf extracts provide antioxidants in the form of polyphenols and bioflavonoids to help lower blood pressure, low-density lipo-proteins, and serum triglycerides while helping to promote blood flow, thereby reducing other cardiovascular risk factors. (NON-GMO) Promotes Healthy Cholesterol Levels Excellent Source of Phytosterols


Dr. Tony’s CO-Q10 Plus™ CO-Q10 Ascorbyl Palmitate  


Dr. Tony’s Pure Whey Protein Plus™ French Vanilla delivers the optimal source of low carb whey protein by combining a highly refined ultra-filtered, agglomerated whey protein concentrate and cross flow microfiltration and ion-exchange processed whey.

Muscle Building  *  Curbs Cravings  *  Weight Loss Support  *  Increases Protein Retention  *  Assists in Turning Glucose into Energy


Clinically studied, Neo40® daily helps the body relax blood vessels, improve circulation, and supports healthy blood pressure. Neo40 may help support:

  • Healthy blood pressure levels
  • Cardiovascular and heart health
  • Increased circulation & healthy arterial function


Diabetes Support - Important to managing diabetes, Dr. Tony’s Blood Sugar Support™ is a blend of natural herbs that may be a key component in treating the disease. Alpha-lipoic acid may reduce oxidative stress, lower fasting blood sugar levels, and decrease insulin resistance. Herbs have strong medicinal effects on the body, talk to your doctor before using herbal products. Natural Support for Diabetes Potent Antioxidant


Dr. Tony’s Blood Pressure Support™ is a blend of natural herbs intended to support blood pressure management. The herbs in this product can help in reducing high cholesterol, lowering high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a pervasive and devastating health threat to the aging population. Natural Support for Healthy Blood Pressure Powerful Antioxidant


Dr. Tony’s Organic Turmeric™ formula offers an unmatched combination of select herbs and anti-inflammatories that may support ease of movement. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. With black pepper and ginger for absorption.  


Dr. Tony’s  Kidney Plus™ is a proprietary blend of Uva Ursi, Thyme, Gravel Root, Ginger Root, Lobelia and other benificial ingredients. Kidneys are essential organs that Eliminate Toxins from your body. Supports Overall Healthy Kidney Function


Kidney Disease is the 9th leading cause of death in the United States. Kidney Plus Drops help to improve urine flow, eliminate toxins and improve overall function. Take 3 drops, 3 times per day or as recommended by your health care professional.